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Sue Smith

Sue Smith Photography

Sandy, UT


Sue has had a life-long passion for photography. Sue Smith Photography began in 2004 with a few photos and some note cards to match. Now Sue's photos are sold around the world through the various stock and fine art sites that she submits to.

Sue was honored to be chosen as a Montana "Treasured" Artist for the Office of the Secretary of State of the State of Montana in 2010. You can read more and see some of her photos at the Secretary of State's website at

Road trips are a passion of Sue's and fit beautifully with photography. You might find Sue in any of the lower 48 or some of the Canadian provinces. If there is a road to get there, she's looking for it!

Even though Sue now lives in Utah, Montana continues to hold her heart. Montana's treasures - the back roads, small towns, ghost towns, and Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks call to her daily.


Contrasts in Arches National Park


Parade of Elephants


Haystack Created with a Beaverslide


Double Arch at Arches National Park


Old Barn on a Ranch


Railroads and Industry


Gnarled Juniper Tree in Arches


Primitive Trail in Arches National Park


Entrance and Reflection of Red Canyon


The Bicycle


Wasatch Mountains from Antelope Island


Bryce Amphitheater from Bryce Point


It's Getting Harder to Hold Things Together


Virgelle Mercantile


Route 66 Mural with Texaco Sign


Beautiful Rocks at the Great Salt Lake


Ponderosa Point


Hoodoos at Sunset Point


Old and Rusty Coca-Cola Machine


Bryce in Winter


Pink Hollyhock


Jail Built in 1896


Dilapidated Stone Building


Black Baldy Cows


Wringer Washer and Laundry Tub